The End Sermon Series

From Hollywood movies to off beat pseudo-preachers, the subject of the end of the world and end times is everywhere. But how do you separate the truth from the sensational and distracting elements? How about simply focusing on what Jesus said. We will start a series of sermon on the end times focusing upon Matthew chapters 24 and 25. We will try to understand what Jesus says the end times will be like.

Sermons in this Series

  • What Jesus Says About The Signs of the End

    September 15, 2019 • JD Davis

    We will try to understand what Jesus says the end times will be like.

  • What Jesus Says about The Evil One

    September 22, 2019 • JD Davis

    We will be introduced to the Anti-Christ and discover that he tries to make himself look like Jesus.

  • What Jesus Says About His Return

    September 29, 2019 • Jd Davis

    One of the most comforting and encouraging themes of Scripture is the return of Jesus.

  • What Jesus Says About The Day and The Hour

    October 6, 2019 • JD Davis

    Despite what some people say, no one knows the day or the hour of Jesus’ return, but why not? Why is God so specific in the Bible about some things but not specific when it comes to the return of Christ?

  • What Jesus Says About The Rapture

    October 13, 2019 • JD Davis

    Jesus was a master storyteller. It was His favorite method of teaching. On the heels of teaching about what the destruction of the temple, His return, and the end to time would look like, Jesus tells a story of 10 bridesmaids. In His parable, 5 are taken and 5 are left. What the story means for you and I.

  • What Jesus Says About What To Do

    October 27, 2019 • JD Davis

    This week we will look at what Jesus says about what to do as we wait for the end. We have talked a great deal about Jesus and what He says and will do, but what about us? What should we be doing until Jesus returns?

  • What Jesus Says About The Final Judgement

    November 3, 2019 • JD Davis

    As we come to the last sermon in the series on “The End” we will look at the Final Judgment. What happens when Jesus separates people like a shepherd would separate sheep from goats? How can you tell the sheep from the goats? What happens to the sheep and goat? Jesus clearly spells it all out.