Culture and Conflict: A Study In Daniel

Daniel is a man who lived as a prisoner of war for almost his whole life.  He lived in culture that worshiped different gods, had a different culture, and lived in a different way.  Yet Daniel never compromises his faith.  How did Daniel remain faithful in a foreign culture and how can you and I live our faith in a world that is often at odds with what we believe?

Sermons in this Series

  • Be Free From This Culture (Daniel 1:5-9)

    January 7, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    From the beginning of his time in captivity, Daniel rejected the pressure of Babylon to conform to its image and culture. Likewise, we are to break free from the culture of this world.

  • Be Better Than This Culture (Daniel 1:17-21)

    January 21, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    When Daniel stood against the Babylonian culture something amazing happened, he became better than others in the culture. A call to follow Jesus is a call upward to something better than this world.

  • Be Confident in This Culture (Daniel 2:12-19)

    January 28, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    When the call goes out for the wise men of Bbylon to be executed, Daniel does not panic. His confidence in God is evident when chaos surrounds him. Followers of Jesus are to have a peace that comforts and focuses us when surrounded by chaos.

  • Be Bold In This Culture (Daniel 3:8-25)

    February 11, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    When Hananiah, Mishael, and Azeriah are thrown into the furnace to be burned alive, they have a bold faith that resuues them and reveals a mysterious 4th man in the fire. We can have the presence of Jesus with us as we walk throught the difficulties of the world.

  • Be Transformed From This Culture (Daniel 4:1-3; 34-37)

    February 18, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    The King Nebuchadnezzar has seen first-hand the faith of Daniel and his friends, but now God changes him. As we grow in our faith it transforms us and others around us.

  • Be Counter Cultural (Daniel 5:13-17; 24-31)

    February 25, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    We continue our study of Daniel and meet a new ruler who thinks flattering Daniel will make things different for him. We’ll look at what God expects and the judgment you cannot talk your way out of.

  • Be Brave in This Culture (Daniel 6:10-23)

    March 4, 2018 • Senior Pastor JD Davis

    The story of Daniel ends as strong as it began because Daniel faced lions long before the den. We need to be brave in our faith and finash strong.