"Pastor, I have a question"

We look at theological questions that many believers wrestle with.

Sermons in this Series

  • What about The Resurrection?

    June 24, 2018 • JD Davis

    Pastor, I Have a Question? The first one to tackle is “What about the Resurrection?” What is the resurrection and how does it happen?

  • How Can I Know The Bible is True?

    July 8, 2018 • JD Davis

    When it comes to the questions of faith we need a reliable source, so how reliable is the Bible? “Pastor, I Have a Question?” This week we will look at the sources and validity of the Bible. Despite centuries of attacks from all angles, the Bible remains the bedrock voice of Christian faith. Our children sing “because the Bible tells me so”.

  • What About Predestination?

    July 22, 2018 • JD Davis

    This is one of those theological questions that many believers wrestle with. We look at Romans and see what Paul says about those God has foreknew and predestined.

  • How Do I Handle The Question Of Science

    August 5, 2018 • JD Davis

    Sometimes Faith and Science are at odds with each other. How do we hold onto our Biblical faith and answer the hard questions of science? We look at Peter’s advice on how to answer questions. We will also apply our approach to three different scientific discoveries that actually validate the Bible. It will be a great time of insight and equipping to defend your faith.

  • Why Does God Allow Hard Things To Happen?

    August 26,2018 • JD Davis

    How do you endure difficult times of life and why does God allow them to happen? We look at a portion of scripture where Jesus prepares Peter for a time of sifting. As we listen to the words of Jesus, we will look at how we can be prepared and encouraged in the testing and sifting times of life.