Student Ministry

Disciples of Jesus are never mass produced. They are individually hand crafted.

In the Dublin Baptist Student Ministry, we value every student who walks through our doors. We understand the love and potential that Jesus sees in them every day. Pastor Bill and the mentors who serve in the student ministry focus on transparency and unity in the discipleship crafting process. With transparency, we are going to be speaking truth about God's Word and God's love for everyone of us. In that transparency, we share our ups and downs with the students to help teach them. With unity, we love our students and we want to invest into their personal walks with Jesus, but we do this together as a faith family.

During the year we do a lot with camps, retreats, events and everything else. We constantly are doing life together and engaging Jesus. We cannot wait to see you soon!

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Sunday Nights at 6:00 PM

Sunday night is a time for LifeGroups. During this time, our students are broken down into groups by gender and grade while they connect with our adult mentors. They walk through the scriptures and talk through the struggles of life. This time helps build deep relationships with the students, helping them know they are not alone in this walk.

College Ministry

Our College Ministry is the next step in discipleship crafting for the Student Ministry at Dublin Baptist. In our College Ministry, we focus on serving and creating a deeper walk with Christ. We want our disciples to find different or multiple areas to serve in the church. Through this process they can begin to understand what God is crafting in them. While they serve, they meet as a group to study God's Word and take their faith to the next level.

Our collegiate leaders are Jon and Sarah Banks. Currently, the College Ministry meets on Tuesday nights at the Banks' home. They love investing in the next group of disciple makers.

Our College Ministry also has a lot of fellowships and retreats that they do together. Every year we take a group of our college students to the Passion Conference in Atlanta. This conference is specifically designed for the college student.