Music Ministry

Welcome to the Dublin Baptist Worship Page. We seek to connect people with God through authentic and attainable worship while equipping others to do the same. Through gifted musicians and audio/visual technicians, we aim to create an atmosphere that allows God to speak and move while His people draw near. Above all, Dublin Baptist exists to magnify God.

Adult Choir

The adult choir is a vital part of our Traditional/Blended worship service and provides special selections most Sundays, as well as presenting major productions during the Christmas and Easter sessions. Additional music is provided for patriotic services and other special occasions. Anyone grade 6 and older can join and new members are always welcome each Wednesday, 6:30 to 7:45 PM. We encourage those whom God has given the ability to sing to give that talent back for His glory. Childcare is provided during the Wednesday rehearsals.


This exciting ensemble fulfills the admonishment of Psalm 150, to praise God with various instruments. whether enhancing hymns or providing special music, the orchestra has become a beautiful addition to our Traditional/Blended worship service. This ensemble is open to all accomplished musicians. The orchestra meets Wednesday evenings, 8:00 to 9:00 PM. Please contact the church office (614-889-2307) for additional information.


This is our hand-picked group that provides specials that are a little more contemporary in our Traditional/Blended Service. Singers in this group must first be faithful Adult Choir members.

Sound/Audio Tech Team

Dublin Baptist's Sound/Light Team provides care for the greatest amount of technical needs for the various ministries and events in the church building. Whether it's a weekend service, funeral, wedding, Revival service, chances are they at least need audio and video support for these events.

We will place volunteers who have no prior experience into events with trainers that can help them operate consoles and computer programs and learn, both by observation and by doing. Additionally, as key concepts are grasped and volunteers gain traction through the course of hands on training, the training wheels will come off and we will begin providing opportunities for you to serve in events that we're confident you can handle on your own.

If you are interested in serving in sound and light, there is ample opportunity to get involved, and serve in ministry through supporting the technical needs of ministry events...Ready to dive in? Please contact the church office (614-889-2307) for additional information.