Women's Bible Studies

Event Date: August-November

The Tuesday morning Bible study lead will be led by that bundle of energy and positivity our own Maryanne Seher :)

September 17-November 5, 2019

9:15-11:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

Behold Your God, The Weight of Majesty

by Dr. John Snyder

Course Description: Each week we will be studying one of the attributes of the unfathomable fullness of the living God. By looking to Scripture to see what God says about Himself, we will enlarge out thoughts of Him and hopefully will adjust our lives adoringly. It is a powerful study by the same author as last year’s fall and winter study.

Books are $20 and available in the church office. This book will be used during the winter also.

Signup sheet will be on Women's Ministry Board. Call Maryanne Seher at 614-389-3258 for more information.

Our own fabulous Kim Deaton will be leading a Kay Author Precept study

#7 Revival or Captivity (2Kings 15-20 and 2Chron 26-32) and

#8 A love that will not let me go (Hosea)

Tues Sept 10 9:30 am and 7pm

Kim cell is 614-563-6734 and email to sign up. She orders her books in advance of class so she needs an RSVP by Aug 26.

Our own Dolly (Anita McGinnis) will be teaching a Wednesday night Bible study. I'm so excited about this addition to the schedule for a lot of reasons! Anita is a World class Bible teacher and we're very lucky to have her, also she's the most fun person I know.


by Priscilla Shirer

Wednesday night 6:30

Course Description: You need some breathing room! With a jam-packed life, what’s missing is space for God to speak, room for you to hear. It’s time to set aside the activities and busyness that swallows up rest and peace. It’s time for us breathe and build margin into our lives for God. Discover Sabbath margin - the boundary God enables to put around things we enjoy so that we never become slaves again.

Sign up on the Genius Link below

Starting Sunday night August 19th, (Ashley Davis) will be leading

A Vision of His Glory

by Anne Graham Lotz

Sunday nights 5:30-7:00

Room 115 & 116

Course Description: This is a 7-week study of finding hope through the Revelation of Jesus Christ. I've felt compelled to lead this for a while and I think one of the reasons is this particular study gives you all the tools you need to study the Bible for yourself. Studying the Bible can seem a hard, daunting and sometimes impossible task, but it doesn't have to be that way (Praise You Lord!). This study walks you through and has you practice a systematic, easy way you can learn to study your Bible on your own. It's for beginners and seasoned students of the Bible.

Sign up on the Genius Link below or text me at 931.224.0936 or stop by the church office.

The cost is $10 for a workbook