Ladies Sunday Night Bible Study

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Hello Ladies,
As we did with the last Bible study, I am opening my home for a video session make up time if you miss a Sunday evening for whatever reason.
We will meet at my home on Thursdays at 7pm and be TWO weeks behind the Sunday evening schedule. If you plan on attending, please give me a call (or shoot me a quick text or email) by 2pm of that Thursday so I can make sure to have the coffee on and kids busy!
Since this week is Valentine's Day on Thursday, we'll skip this week; I will have both session one and two videos available on February 21st. Even if we have people who need both, we should still be able to wrap up and have you out the door by 9pm.
My home address is: 5193 Willow Valley Way, Powell, 43065
cell number: 720-933-3612
I look forward to seeing you then!

Lynda Edwards

We're meeting at 5:45, which admittedly is an odd time, but given the length of the video & discussion time it's what works.

Some of you are bringing your friends (yeah!). If you have a friend and would like to bring them please encourage them to pick up a book at the church office or on Amazon. There is always room in this inn for one more! If God has laid someone on your heart pray about it & don't delay, reach out and see if they're interested. We would love to make a new friend!

We'll be studying the life of Gideon and how he went from scared and invisible young man to mighty warrior! He didn't do this process alone; God called him and transformed Gideon into the mighty warrior that led the army of Israel into victory.

You won't do this process alone either sister! Who is this study for? If you've ever struggled with insecurity, insignificance, intimidation, overwhelmed by your circumstances, fear, your own personal limitations & frailties then this ones for you. I certainly can't wait to start because I go through all of those in the span of an hour!

The cost is $13 for a workbook. It's a 6 week study, with homework 5 days a week. Those of you who have had the pleasure of Mrs. Shirer's teaching know she's solid, relatable, practical and authentic.

You sign up immediately by clicking on the genius link below:

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I'll do my part & get the books and have them ready for you. I so look forward to seeing y'all on Sunday nights. If you're new to the Sunday night Bible study let me encourage you to step out, be brave and make some connections in 2019. We would love to get to know you and study Gods Word with you!